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X-ray Inspection

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The application

The radiographic examination shows us the interior of the component and the areas in which there are indications such as air and material inclusions. For this purpose, the components are positioned in a fully protective X-ray system and irradiated with electrically generated X-rays. The so-called live image is transmitted via a detector to a monitor, which is used by a trained X-ray inspector for evaluation. The evaluation of an X-ray image can also be automated.

The procedure

By means of our modern X-ray systems, we are able to detect displays in your components from 0.2 mm in any desired direction. This display recognition depends on the wall thickness and the material.


Aluminium materials can be X-ray inspected up to max. 100 - 120 mm cumulated wall thickness.
Spheroidal graphite cast iron materials / iron materials / investment cast iron materials / steel materials can be X-ray inspected up to max. 60 - 70 mm cumulated wall thickness.

For displays below 0.2 mm and for the electronics sector, our microfocus and nano system is used for displays from approx. 0.00035 mm. With this system we achieve a 40-fold magnification.

Another highlight is our CT system (computer tomography). Here 'sections' through the object can be visualized and a complete 3D volume model can be generated from several sections. The advantage lies in the fact that in this model the exact error position can be represented in the 3-dimensional.

Due to our large and extensive plant park of over 20 plants (min. 160 - max. 450 kV) we can provide you with a very high capacity from single parts to series inspection.

The advantages

Critical areas can be detected quickly. The insights into the castings that are of interest to foundries allow optimizations to be implemented quickly and effectively.

In the field of electronics, the soldering of SMD components and the bonding wires of semiconductors can be inspected.

Live image HDR filtering:

  • Gray values are everything to recognize displays
  • The detector detects 16,384 gray values (14bit)
  • The human eye recognizes only max. 60
  • HDR filtering analyzes the total 16,000 gray values in the live image + displays relevant displays in the 60 gray values directly optimized for humans

Electronics testing

  • Trained IPC-A-610 Instructor  |  Download
  • Inspection of solder joints and solder joints possible
  • Extensive experience through a Dipl. Ing. (FH) in electrical engineering
  • In case of errors can be supported by experience
  • It is also possible to test the function of the component during x-raying
  • Inspection of casted components
  • It can be x-rayed with large magnifications
  • Electrical checks / inspections can also be carried out on request
  • Inspection of assemblies (also electronically) according to agreements and construction of testing devices




Inspection Methods