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Company history

From the beginnings

In the time before 1985, the question arose again and again on the part of the automotive industry whether there were service providers who had the capability to perform penetrant testing on automotive parts. For this reason, BMB Gesellschaft für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung mbH was founded on March 28, 1985 by the founder, Senator Hans W. Berg. Due to the "aluminum boom" in the chassis sector, the German automotive companies saw their further way to combine their technologies with tested quality.

It all started with penetrant and X-ray testing, which are BMB's core competencies and in which BMB specialized. Later, in addition to penetrant and X-ray testing, other non-destructive tests were added such as computed tomography, microfocus, eddy current as well as visual inspection.
With BMB, Senator Hans W. Berg was the first service provider that was not only able to test on site at the customer's premises, but also carried out non-destructive testing in its own halls for the first time.

With the testing experience and the necessary facilities and equipment, parts for the automotive industry, aerospace, German Railways and electrical components are tested at BMB today. Also tests for the food industry are carried out. Meanwhile the business managing directors are Marie Luise Wolf (born Berg) and Rolf Lang.

BMB has been the leading service provider in Europe for more than 30 years. In its own facilities and with approx. 100 employees*, BMB mainly inspects cast, forged and plastic parts in several non-destructive and destructive processes. Due to the large equipment park, BMB is able to respond flexibly to the wishes of the customers. Furthermore, the family-owned company BMB is characterized by economic efficiency and reliability. The company BMB secures these company values by continuous training/development of your employees and your know-how. The range of services offered by BMB helps your customers to draw direct conclusions about your manufacturing processes. To ensure the necessary quality requirements of the components, the company BMB offers "Tested Safety" in all zfP processes and zP processes, up to computer tomography.