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Visual Inspection

[Endoscopy | Microscopy | VT]

The application

During the visual inspection, the surface of the component to be inspected is examined for deviations under strict conditions with regard to the lighting conditions and the capabilities of the inspector.

The procedure

During the test, the component is examined for deviations on the component surface. The inspector can use optical aids such as magnifiers, microscopes and endoscopes to examine the surface of the component for deviations in shape, imperfections and the surface condition of a product. Visual inspection can only be used to detect displays running along the surface.
In addition, it is generally not possible to determine a defect depth within the framework of a visual inspection (VT).

The advantages

The visual inspection is an important supplementary inspection, since only with this inspection procedure can the grossest procedural errors be brought to light and the customer's process can be changed over promptly. We are also happy to offer you fully automatic visual inspection.

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