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With the X-ray beam into the 6th century

In December 2016, we received a visit of a special kind in Plant 1.

Dr. Ursula Koch, scientific curator and archaeologist, as well as the Mannheim restorer of the Reichs-Engelhorn Museum Peter Will, came to Heilbronn with special freight.

Two brooches, so-called fibulae from the 7th century AD, were to be examined in our microfocus facility. With the 40-fold magnification and the creation of a 3-dimensional image, the researchers were able to identify and determine certain positions and their state of preservation for the first time.

"For us, inspecting early medieval fibulae is the king's class," Karin U. Berg said. to the visit from Mannheim with the special cargo. Mrs. Berg not only organizes the examination of medieval fibulae, but also the examination orders of other art dealers to obtain evidence of forgery in works of art and paintings.

The brooch from the Merovingian period revealed more and more of its history in the microfocus system. The scientists were enthusiastic about the possibilities of the system and the findings they were able to collect.               

"We want to support the museum's work," said Hans W. Berg, managing partner of the BMB.

With the support of the BMB, the researchers were able to gain new insights about our ancestors and breathe new life into history.

We are looking forward to hopefully further visits from the Mannheim scientists.