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On our way to zero-defect production.

- with non-destructive material inspection

We are Europe's leading service provider for the entire range of non-destructive material inspection of castings, forgings and plastic parts. We test for the automotive, aerospace, railway, electrical and food industries.

As an extended workbench for your production, we support you in ensuring and optimizing the quality standard of your product. You can use our test results directly for the optimization of your production process by means of online evaluation.

We realize your testing tasks quickly and flexibly - from the inspection of a prototype to the current series capacity of over 50,000 parts per day - also integrated into your production inline.

Our recognized BMB inspection standard gives you the decisive advantage to remain relaxed despite sudden quality problems.

We realize your inspection tasks quickly & flexibly.


From the automotive industry to the aviation industry, our 30 years of experience make us the perfect partner when it comes to quality.
Non-destructive testing for a wide range of applications.


Whether inline at your company or advisory at your side.
As an extended workbench of your production
we support you, to optimize the quality standard of your product.
You can check our test results by means of online evaluation
directly for the optimization of your processes.

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